PIN FESTIVAL 12-13 jan 2017


PIN FESTIVAL 12-13 jan 2017
(Performance Improvisation Network)

Improvisation: A powerful way of learning

PIN Festival (together with the Ballet Academy Stockholm, Danscentrum Stockholm, the Royal Swedish Ballet School, and DOCH) presents two days of events focusing on improvisation in performance. Following an evening of student performances, PIN offers a day for educators who teach or are curious about teaching improvisation, both as a training and as a performing art.

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Programme Thursday 12/1

 A Performance – Improvisation studies

19.00 at Danscentrum Stockholm, Jungfrugatan 7B

Students from the Ballet Academy, DOCH, and the Royal Swedish Ballet School present improvisation performances in connection with their current modules of study.

John Britton – students at the Ballet Academy, Sthlm,
Anna-Karin Simonson -pupils, 14 years old, from the Royal Swedish Ballet School
Katarina Lundmark – students from the teaching program at DOCH, the College of Dance and Circus.
-students from the pre-professional dance education at the Ballet Academy

Programme Friday 13/1  

9.00-17.30 workshops
19.00 performance
At Balettakademien, Birger Jarlsgatan 70, Stockholm

Teaching improvisation, finding the movement dynamic and the rhythmicality of jazz

A lecture/practical workshop with Katarina Lundmark – lector at DOCH

”I have developed a way to integrate improvisation into jazz dance by deconstructing the genre. By defining the operating principles, approaches and aesthetics I have developed different practical methods. This has given me the opportunity to increase the understanding of the specificity of the genre and how to use it creatively and artisticley. It has also given me the opportunity to clarify my didactic and artistic purposes and given the students the opportunity to enhance the requested skills. Some of these principles can be; the way we use and see our body as a whole and at the same time consisting of many parts, musical knowledge, relationship to weight and gravity, precision of dynamics of motion, the use of the hip and bodily extreme positions and jazz dance aesthetic design.

In it´s original form improvisation was an essential part of jazz dance. Unfortunately, over time, it has largely disappeared. I think it is time to take back jazzimprovisation! It´s time to take it back at Jazz dance own terms and in ways that are educationally and artistically relevant and useful in the 2000s.” 

Teaching improvisation – What tools do we find most helpful and what skills and knowledge are we aiming towards and why in our guidance of the dancers?


Workshop and discussions led by Madeleine Karlsson and Kerstin Abrahamsson

This workshop will continue to reflect and focus on our toolbox in teaching improvisation; what tools do we prefer to use, how do we meet and interact with the dancers, what codes and norms are present and what kind of learning processes arises. We will disscus why improvisation is a powerful way of learning – and look at what we are aiming towards regarding skills and knowledge within our teaching in improvisation. The workshop will have both moving and talking elements.

A request from the PIN festival 2015 was to find ways for teachers of improvisation to meet more often to continue to share thoughts and tools and give inspiration and support to each other. We suggest that this workshop can be a starting point for a network that can be a platform regarding teaching improvisation. The idea is to arrange meetings four times a year and create a personal meeting forum as well as a digital platform for sharing, discussions and documentation

Why improvisation is such a poweful way of learning


A three-hour workshop with John Britton – Artistic Director of DUENDE, performer, teacher…

John Britton´s workshop will be a basic introduction to Self-With-Others – the core training of his work. He will highlighten why improvisation is a powerful way of learning and give a pedagogic vue of his work.

Combining fixed physical training exercises with structured and free improvisation, this unique approach to training performers called `Self-With-Others` encourages the growth of solo and ensemble physical improvisation.  At the heart of the work is a set of useful ways of thinking about performance – core principles – which liberate a performer to take risks, to discover and trust her/his own creativity, and to structure her/his work into spontaneously created performance. The first of these principles is that we must find deep, explosive pleasure in our work!

This workshop will encourage spontaneity, presence, liveness and joy in your work.


On the top of now- Performance
At Stage studio 4, Ballet Academy

John Britton joins professional dancers from Sweden for a mixed program of improvised performances.

In the performance you will meet:

IDKA dans, a collective of professional dancers joined in their love of improvisation, Tuva Nordelius, Conny Jansson, Elise Nuding and Kerstin Abrahamsson.

John Britton, the improviser with total awareness; the awareness of the improvised story, of all ingrediences he throws into it, the awareness of the space and of everything happening in it and the awerness of you as his audience.

Per Enberg. Is always looking for new challenges in his performances and work. He takes of from Physical theatre and improvisation.

And more…

Registrations and fees:

Register at Balettakademien Stockholm

Pin festival pass, including performances: 800kr
Thursday performance: free of charge, come on time
Friday performance: 150kr

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Katarina Lundmark is a senior lecturer in jazz dance at the School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm. She works mainly at the Institution for Dance Pedagogy, but also at the Institution for Circus. She teaches dance and didactics as well as working as a mentor, supervisor and outside eye in artistic, academic and didactic projects. Katarina is regularly engaged national and internationally as a teacher and as an expert of topics. Her work with improvisation within the framework of jazz dance stems from the wish to question conventions, reclaim the concept, finding ways to make jazz dance both grounded in ”the roots” and in the contemporary and, last but not least, make jazz dance possible to enjoy in even more ways!

John Britton is Artistic Director of DUENDE – an international collaboration of artists committed to ensemble practices. John is a performer, director, writer, improvisor and teacher, whose work takes him repeatedly around Australasia, America and Europe. His performance and teaching crosses the boundaries of Dance, Theatre, Circus and Improvisation. He is a regular guest teacher at Balletakademien in Stockholm, and Founder of The DUENDE School of Ensemble Physical Theatre in Athens, as well as running  regular residential workshops in venues as diverse as the Himalayan Mountains, Rural New England, Southern France and a remote beach in Lesbos, Greece.

Madeleine Karlsson Trained at the Ballet Academy and DOCH in Stockholm. Involved with dancing and installation performances, teaching and research projects with choreography as a base. The study of movement as personal and contextual are an important part of her work. Intimacy and sensory effects on the body are recurrent themes. Teacher in contemporary dance and improvisation/composition at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm. She guest teaches and lectures both nationally and internationally.

Kerstin Abrahamsson Educated at Swedish Ballet School and DOCH. Dancer and teacher in contemprary dance and improvisation. Part of IDKA dans, a reserch and performance collective in improvisation. Currently she´s touring with Minna Krook Dans in performances for children, dancing in HDN´s performance in Stockholm and teaching at Ballet Academy. Kerstin is one of the initiators of the PINfestival.