WORKSHOP: Didier / Tijo Aimé, 17 Dec

WORKSHOP: Didier / Tijo Aimé, 17 Dec

Didier / Tijo Aimé – ”My Dance is Clubbing”

17 December, 2021

18:30-20:30 Workshop 20:30-22:00 Jam
: Kostnadsfritt.
För vem: Dig med flerårig erfarenhet av House eller andra street/freestyle uttryck.

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Didier / Tijo Aimé is an reference in dance an dj one of the pioneers of house dance in France and member of the O’Trip House .He trains and teaches around world. He is creator of Atmosphere party at Djoon in Paris.

Workshop : ”My Dance is Clubbing” A work with Didier Firmin on the elements, the bases, the fundamental pillars which structure house dance and clubbing culture.