Adriano Wilfert Jensen – Workshop

Adriano Wilfert Jensen – Workshop

11-13 September
forms of feelings feelings of forms

Onsdag till Fredag     13:00-15:00 (Workshop)
Fredag                            15:00-16:00 (Samtal)

Workshopen är kostnadsfri.

Välkommen till workshop med koreograf och dansare Adriano Wilfert Jensen. Workshopen är sprungen ur hans senaste arbete och beskrivs enligt texten nedan.

 forms of feelings feelings of forms
delsarte and the emoticons

  • Open for anyone interested in feelings –  

On many occasions western modern dance attempted to offer opportunities for authentic or direct mediation of the feelings of the dancer. Whether in art or therapy, dance was widely framed as an excellent opportunity for free self-expression of the dancer-subject. Later generations of dance makers, though certainly not all, showed feelings and self-expression to the door.

“It’s not about me” has been the slogan of those contemporary dance artists Adriano Wilfert Jensen has looked up to. To evade the sticky relationship between selfexpression and dance they prioritized choreography rather than dance: choreography here means structures of relation, knowledge, perception, power and so forth. The recent rethinking and redoing of dance from a so-called posthuman perspective should be seen in the same light. This happened for good reasons. But how does it inform us when it comes to the function of feelings in dance today? How does contemporary neuroscience, psychology and philosophy invite us to reconsider the politics of sensations, feelings and emotions? And how could these reconsiderations reshape how we relate to feelings when we practice, attend to, and present dance?: that is what about feeling(s) when choreography reigns and the idea of a unified subject is untenable?

In this workshop we will try to put these questions to work through practice. We will invoke historical modern and therapeutic dance practices and continue with “hacked” variations thereof, in order to attend to gaps and opacities between expression and subject, and to open conversations from shared practice. 


forms of feelings feelings of forms is one part of analysis: a long-term research project into the politics of feeling(s). analysis is rooted in dance and unfolds in various formats, contexts and collaborations. analysis asks questions about the relations between subjects and feelings. Be it the feelings “of” subjects themselves or “of” others. analysis starts from the suppositions that feelings are opaque rather than transparent, mediated rather than immediate, and that feelings are something you do (consciously or not) rather than something you have. From there it feels its way forward, trying to contour how such propositions could inform relations between people in dance and beyond.

analysis was initiated by Adriano Wilfert Jensen in 2017 and so far Karima El Amrani, Chloe Chignell, Stefan Govaart, Sandra Lolax, Alexandra Tveit, Marie Ursin, Anne Juren, Angela Goh, Simon Asencio, Dina El Kaisy, Ana Vujanovic and Dean Blunt have been part of its development.

Adriano Wilfert Jensen holds a BA in choreography from School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam. He analyses and produces conditions for relations through choreography and dance. His practice includes making, curating, representing and dealing choreography and dancing in the works of others.