(2019) Sept 8th at 13-15 PM: Workshop with Adham Hafez and Adam Kucharski – My Wild Flag!

(2019) Sept 8th at 13-15 PM: Workshop with Adham Hafez and Adam Kucharski – My Wild Flag!

Workshop leaders: Adham Hafez, Adam Kucharski

Workshop Language: English

Recommended experience of participants: Dance, Theater, Performance, Cultural Studies

Maximum number of participants: 10 participants

Place: Danscentrum Stockholm

Adress: Jungfrugatan 7 (large studio)

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Choreographic Symptoms: Policy, Canons and Borders

Amidst a rising political interest in the Arabic speaking world and the Middle East generally, and

amidst the world’s largest displacement of humans- generally described as the refugee crisis- a

lack of critical material on performance from Arab makers, as well as a general lack of

disseminating Arab art history generally continues to persist within European art scenes. The

lack of circulation and dissemination of knowledge and material on Arab art history echoes with

the difficulties Arab bodies and subjects face when they attempt crossing borders. Could there

be a relation between institutionalizing racism and discourse blind spots towards theoretical

knowledge from the Arab world? This workshop would like to survey key political ruptures in the

Arabic speaking region, and evaluate moments of aesthetic rupture around such timelines, in

order to examine – yet again – the relation between art and politics, culture and policy. Through

a complex methodology that builds on the fields of performance studies, urbanism, and policy,

this workshop addresses art and performance history from a displaced and non-canonical point

of departure. It aims at allowing the participants to compose complex methodologies and lenses

best suited for reading the impact of institutionalized violence, symptomatic policy and


A collaboration between My Wild Flag and Danscentrum Stockholm!