16-18 april: Dana Caspersen

16-18 april: Dana Caspersen

LABO – Festivalen 11-21 april 2018

Danscentrum Stockholm samarbetar med Cullbergbaletten som arrangerar Labo- festivalen.

2 workshops äger rum i DC Sthlms stora studio:

  • Dana Caspersen: 16-18 april kl.12-14 och  15-17. Se info nedan!
  • Eroca  Nicols: 19-20 april  kl. 12.30-15.30.

1 workshop händer på Moderna Muséet:

  • Rachel Fuller: 19-21 april kl.13.30-17.30.

Danscentrum Stockholms medlemmar kan ansöka att vara med men det är begränsat antal platser tillgängliga. Skicka intresseanmälan till: babis.harall@danscentrum.se

Choreographic decision-making in the creation of participatory events

In this 3-day intensive, participants will work with conflict specialist and performing arts innovator Dana Caspersen to consider the impact of choreographic decision-making in the creation and realization of participatory events. Through a framework that contains ideas and practices from the fields of both conflict studies and choreography, participants will examine categories of choreographic decisions being made on both individual and systemic levels. They will engage in a guided, hands-on process of creating sketches for new physical models of participatory events.



Dana Caspersen is a conflict specialist, performing artist, and author of Changing the Conversation: The 17 Principles of Conflict Resolution (Penguin 2015, A Joost Elffers Book). Her work integrates traditional conflict engagement strategies with choreographic methodologies to create projects ranging from individual coaching tools to large-scale international public dialogue events on topics ranging from immigration to violence. Caspersen has been a primary collaborator of choreographer William Forsythe for 30 years, writing theatrical texts and performing as a principal artist in Forsythe’s most celebrated works. She has received the Bessie Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement.